Oysters with steamed cucumber and citrus fruits

Chef Enrique Pérez – El Doncel de Sigüenza. 2 Soles Repsol



12 special No. 2 Sorlut Oysters. Zest of: tangerine, orange, lime, lemon and grapefruit.

For the air:
2 cucumbers, ½ litre mineral water, 2 g of soy lecithin


Open the oysters immediately before use.
Serve in the shell. Sprinkle the citrus zests on top.

For the air:
Peel the cucumbers and process them in a blender, add the mineral water and add the lecithin. Use the grinder arm. Strain. Use a siphon to prepare the cucumber air.

Lay out a spoonful of cucumber air on top of the oyster.

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