Sorlut Oysters with Làgrima peas

Chef Javier Goya – Restaurant Triciclo



One special No. 1 Sorlut Oyster
15 g tear peas
50 g field peas
50 g fresh spinach
25 g Maldonado cured Iberian pig jowl
4 g preserved lemon


Open the oyster carefully, trying to keep it shape and juices.
Blanch the field peas and spinach for 30 seconds in salted boiling water.
Mash them with the oyster’s juices to obtain an intense green puree.
Cut the preserved lemon in four cubes of 0.5 cm.
Cut six cubes of jowl and grill it, also cut a thin slice of jowl with the ham slicer and preserve it in paper.

Cover the oyster with the puree, put on top the tear pea, the preserved lemon and jowl cubes.
Garnish with the melted slice of jowl and aromatic herbs.

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