Sorlut Oysters with Làgrima peas


Chef Javier Goya – Restaurant Triciclo



One special No. 1 Sorlut Oyster
15 g tear peas
50 g field peas
50 g fresh spinach
25 g Maldonado cured Iberian pig jowl
4 g preserved lemon


Open the oyster carefully, trying to keep it shape and juices.
Blanch the field peas and spinach for 30 seconds in salted boiling water.
Mash them with the oyster’s juices to obtain an intense green puree.
Cut the preserved lemon in four cubes of 0.5 cm.
Cut six cubes of jowl and grill it, also cut a thin slice of jowl with the ham slicer and preserve it in paper.

Cover the oyster with the puree, put on top the tear pea, the preserved lemon and jowl cubes.
Garnish with the melted slice of jowl and aromatic herbs.

Oysters with steamed cucumber and citrus fruits


Chef Enrique Pérez – El Doncel de Sigüenza. 2 Soles Repsol



12 special No. 2 Sorlut Oysters. Zest of: tangerine, orange, lime, lemon and grapefruit.

For the air:
2 cucumbers, ½ litre mineral water, 2 g of soy lecithin


Open the oysters immediately before use.
Serve in the shell. Sprinkle the citrus zests on top.

For the air:
Peel the cucumbers and process them in a blender, add the mineral water and add the lecithin. Use the grinder arm. Strain. Use a siphon to prepare the cucumber air.

Lay out a spoonful of cucumber air on top of the oyster.

Sorlut Oyster in mango ceviche and galangal foam


Chef Quique Cerro – Restaurant De 2 en 3 Gastrobar, Bodegas Iniesta


12 special No. 2 Sorlut Oysters
12 green shiso leaves

For the ceviche:
1/2 mango
1/2 red onion
1 coriander twig
1 dl of EVOO
Juice of a lime
Salt to season
For the galangal foam:
½ litre heavy cream
1 gelatine sheet
150 g of galangal juice.


Open the oysters immediately before use and set aside.
Dice the mango evenly.
Chop the onion in fine julienne.
Chop the coriander.

Season with olive oil, salt and lime juice.
Let it rest for 20 minutes.

For the galangal foam.
Heat the galangal juice, dissolve the gelatin sheet in it, strain and mix with the cream.
Place the mixture in a siphon charged with nitrous oxide (N2O)
Let it rest for an hour.

Place a leaf of green shiso on top of the shell of the oyster. Over the leaf, put the oyster and season with the ceviche.
Lastly, using the siphon, place in the side enough foam.

Champagne brolied Sorlut Oyster

chef jorge gonzález RITZ RECETA

Chef Jorge González – Restaurant Goya, Hotel Ritz Madrid


Special No. 2 Sorlut Oysters

For the glaze:
1.5 litres champagne
2 litres fish stock
1 litre heavy cream
18 dl egg yolks
35 cl heavy cream – whipped
Finely sliced sautéed leeks for garnish


Reduce the champagne, fish stock and heavy cream mixture to a fifth of its volume.
Set aside and allow to cool in the fridge.
Once it is cold, add the 35 cl of whipped heavy cream and the egg yolks.
Mix thoroughly with a rubber spatula.
Add salt and pepper to taste.
Open the oyster and remove the meat.
Use the shells to present the oyster; put a layer of sautéed leeks, place the oyster meat on top and cover with the glaze.
Place under the broiler to brown.
Cover the base of the serving dish with coarse salt and set the broiled oysters on top to serve.

Warm Sorlut Oyster on cream of carrots with a touch of mustard and orange crisp


Chef Unai Camba – Restaurant Arce


Special No. 1 Sorlut Oysters
Tarragon mustard


Open the oysters and set aside their juices.
In a pan with enough water, salt and a dash of vinegar, cook the peeled clean carrots. Once done, cool them down very quickly and mash them with the oyster juices and cooking water until getting a puree with the proper texture. Once strained, add mustard to taste.
Cook the orange peel julienne in water and sugar for its subsequent dehydration to obtain a crisp with a sweet and sour flavour.
Fry the orange segments in Mannitol.

Smear the dish with the warm carrot cream, blanch the oyster in sea water, dry it very well and put it in the plate in contact with the cream. To finish, place two orange segments and the crisp.

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