Champagne brolied Sorlut Oyster

chef jorge gonzález RITZ RECETA

Chef Jorge González – Restaurant Goya, Hotel Ritz Madrid


Special No. 2 Sorlut Oysters

For the glaze:
1.5 litres champagne
2 litres fish stock
1 litre heavy cream
18 dl egg yolks
35 cl heavy cream – whipped
Finely sliced sautéed leeks for garnish


Reduce the champagne, fish stock and heavy cream mixture to a fifth of its volume.
Set aside and allow to cool in the fridge.
Once it is cold, add the 35 cl of whipped heavy cream and the egg yolks.
Mix thoroughly with a rubber spatula.
Add salt and pepper to taste.
Open the oyster and remove the meat.
Use the shells to present the oyster; put a layer of sautéed leeks, place the oyster meat on top and cover with the glaze.
Place under the broiler to brown.
Cover the base of the serving dish with coarse salt and set the broiled oysters on top to serve.

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