Chef Unai Camba – Restaurant Arce


Special No. 1 Sorlut Oysters
Tarragon mustard


Open the oysters and set aside their juices.
In a pan with enough water, salt and a dash of vinegar, cook the peeled clean carrots. Once done, cool them down very quickly and mash them with the oyster juices and cooking water until getting a puree with the proper texture. Once strained, add mustard to taste.
Cook the orange peel julienne in water and sugar for its subsequent dehydration to obtain a crisp with a sweet and sour flavour.
Fry the orange segments in Mannitol.

Smear the dish with the warm carrot cream, blanch the oyster in sea water, dry it very well and put it in the plate in contact with the cream. To finish, place two orange segments and the crisp.

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